Dismiss the Ticket is a California company dedicated to eliminating the stress and financial burden that motorists experience after receiving a:

• Speeding Ticket
• Cell Phone Ticket
• Red Light Ticket
• Red Light Camera Ticket
• Stop Sign Violation
• Moving Violations

By following our simple, easy to use process we will get that ticket dismissed!

“I was so upset that I got a speeding ticket, going only 14 miles per hour over the speed limit. Thanks to Dismiss the Ticket I didn’t have to pay the fine or go to traffic school. I’d recommend this service to anyone who gets a ticket!”


When the sirens sound and you see lights in your rear view mirror you know there’s trouble on the way. Fines, Traffic School, Point on your record, the feeling is all too familiar to most of us. But now there’s something you can do to defend yourself and avoid the financial and emotional trauma.

Dismiss the Ticket is the solution. By following our simple step by step process we will go to your defense and dismiss your ticket for only $199.00.

Though we can’t guarantee that we’ll win your case, our strategy is proven and effective in most cases.

Whether you’re a first-time traffic offender, lost your license after numerous traffic tickets, DTT can help you. Our staff is on hand to take your call.

Don’t pay that traffic or speeding ticket!

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Use Dismiss the Ticket and put your worries behind you.

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